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Ideas for Productive Uses of Our Products

You will find a light bulb near the top of each product description page. Clicking on the light bulb will show alternative uses and suggestions for that particular tool.

We understand the challenges that leadership staff have in providing fresh, stimulating offerings for paraeducators within local time, budget and growth-need parameters. The value of our resources is that they provide practical topics and affordable, flexible avenues of application.

Staff development leaders, principals and supervisors from all over the country, who have visited our exhibits and purchased our products, have discussed with us alternative ways they are making productive use of our practical tools. We want to share them with you, as you successfully lead your paraeducators to grow both personally and professionally.

Because we are experienced with dealing with paraeducators from several perspectives, we also are only a phone call or email contact away from assisting you.

While we are available to facilitate local workshops, we have designed our materials to promote facilitator-friendly formats for local delivery by local leadership.
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