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Kathy Bud & Debbie
Deb, Kathy, Sam
Sam Mule' has thirty-five years of experience as a teacher and administrator of special services programs. In the mid 1980s, Sam became one of the first to recognize and address the staff development needs of paraeducators in Wisconsin. He initiated and provided some of the first workshops for paraeducator growth and skill building. By 1988, Sam had provided workshops all over the state. Being well aware that paraeducators were an enthusiastic group and interested in quality staff development that was more than a one-shot approach, The Paraprofessional Connection was born. This monthly publication is currently in its 25th year of production and has expanded from solely serving the needs of paraeducators in Wisconsin, to addressing the needs of paraeducators throughout the United States and Canada. Sam's many years of experience and pioneering efforts with paraeducator growth programs contributed to his nomination and receipt of the '2001 John Melcher Award' as the 'Outstanding Special Education Administrator in the state of Wisconsin.'

Deb Hanke demonstrates an infectious attitude and a sincere desire to assist paraeducators to be effective extensions of their teachers. She was a very successful paraeducator who became motivated to complete her special education teaching degree and go on to direct paraeducators using her experience as a guide. She has brought an effective paraeducator's perspective and credibility to her partnership with Sam. Together they have produced very practical, applicable and well received training materials for locally directed paraeducator growth experiences.

Kathy Mule's background includes experiences as a paraeducator as well. Her understanding of our materials and their intended use is invaluable as she manages the business end of school district contacts. Her product knowledge and client contact skills offer quality support for ordering and follow up with school districts.

Conceived from a variety of backgrounds (including teaching, paraeducating and administering), these materials have been developed to not only meet the needs of new and experienced paraeducators and teachers, but also the staff development leaders responsible for their growth. Based on customer feedback and results, we're confident that our products offer a unique and effective blend of practical staff development solutions to meet your ongoing needs.